Monday, March 25, 2013

"Self Portrait"

"Self Portrait"
          Embroidery, soon to become a favorite medium of mine, is something magical. There
is a kind of mystery to its development. You begin with a few lines, here and there, just to
get things started. And soon you're off; making flat stitches turn to shallow hills of color.
And as the piece progresses- whether you work all over at once, or you finish certain
sections at a time, you never can quite predict how your images will turn out; how those
last second little stitches can make all the difference. You may think you are simply filling 
in an area with a solid, flat color, and yet when you stop- there they are... the breaks in 
between the stitches create even more lines for your eyes to follow and get lost in.  
          I do believe this is love.

This self portrait is the second embroidery I've created.
More to come, for sure!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"None the Same"

"None the Same" 2012
6" x 8"
Intaglio, Yarn,
Hand dyed and Waxed Paper 
None the Same is a portrait. The symbol of the breast is used in a forceful manner,
seeming to be a pair of eyes looking directly at the viewer. The use of black creates
a feel of heaviness, dense and hard. The misshapen details of the breasts reveal uniqueness
in the female, with a pairing of sewing and yarn- reflecting an expected feminine craft to

Nature, and all it's Capabilities....

Hays Cemetery 2012
 Hancock County, Indiana
Including organic materials in my work is a reflection of my fondness for nature,
and it's endless storybook of objects, textures, creatures, and life. Animal remains
house a great amount of life, even after death. A story remains to be told, and I
believe the spirit can be immortalized by creating a home for that which the animal
left behind. And the same can be said with humans.
Here, you can see me at Hays Cemetery in Hancock, Indiana. Hays Cemetery has 
undergone years of destructive and disrespectful behavior. There is now a circle
of broken headstones created by those responsible for the chaos. When I was there, I decided that some purity and kindness was needed. I buried a white candle withing
dried wheat, and lit it. All the while dropping dried yellow marigolds around the
circle to fuse the area with peace and to hopefully leave a feeling of respect.
My work often reflects themes of death, altars, and the supernatural. I included this
photograph for those to see I not only practice these ideals in my work, but also in life.

"6 Hands in the Mud"

"6 Hands in the Mud" 2012
100 Acres, IMA
Mixed Media
6 Hands in the Mud was a collaborative show held at the 100 Acres at the IMA
in the summer of 2012. Erin Trimble, Ashley Windbigler, and myself set up the
show in the beautiful woods located by the lake near the museum. The show
included prints, sculptures, textiles and mixed media pieces. The clouds remained
dark and grey yet never rained us out. It was a lovely day with a great turn out.
Thank you everyone who came out to see us!

"Ritual Residue"

"Ritual Residue" 2012
5' x 18'
Silkscreen, Waxed Paper, Red Pepper,
Twine, Fabric, and Found Objects
Ritual Residue became a home away from home. A protective circle of crushed
red pepper surrounds a large handmade pillow (filled with herbs). Suspended
above the seat are a collection of hand dyed, waxed, sewn, and printed pouches
filled with objects of use and importance. The installation illustrates isolation and
solitude in the process of crafting objects and collecting memories and materials. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Rocks in the Water"

"Rocks in the Water" 2011
Mixed Media

This is an example of my experimentation with paper and prints as containers. Each pouch
is sewn onto the print, housing within them a flat stone gathered by myself. 

"Unite in our Differences"

"Unite in our Differences" 2012
Monotype, Waxed Mulberry paper, Yarn

Once waxed, the mulberry paper becomes almost completely transparent. It is
feeble and susceptible to cracks, tearing, and bending. The weakness of this paper
is framed with a soft, pink yarn with a gentle zig zag effect. These tender mediums
are directly contrasted by the large scale breasts, which seem like eyes, that penetrate
the viewers gaze. The symbol of a breast, feminine and usually hidden subtly displayed,
is here at face level- misshapen, hypnotic, and powerful.